Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer good times!!

 Summer is full of swim suits, sun block and delayed bed times....I love these sun babies!!
Poor Mads....Before you think I am mean mom...she really did want to be inside....

Happy 4th of July!!

 I think this picture sums up how my dad feels about the holidays...
 Does anyone see similar expressions between Uncle Big Al and Mads...They might be related :)
 Well this is my best attempt at Pintrest to date.  The chocolate popcorn was actually my idea...but the strawberries turned out okay too :)
We had an amazing day filled will awesome food and great company.  We crashed my parents house.  WE had some good friends come over with there kids...I think Ruby thinks every day should be like this.  The kids swan, drove cars and ran around all day.  Ruby stayed up and watched her first fireworks.  It was a great day!! I feel so blessed to have the freedoms that we do.  Thank you for those who fought so hard for all we have today!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mads go Mobile!!

 Mads is mobile...we are accepting prayers for sanity.  She has been walking for a few weeks now...I still am not used to my baby running past me with her giggle in full roar.  She is super verbal as well.  At her 15 month appointment the doctor was super impressed with the clarity in her speech and the amount of words she says.  What can we say...she is a Colby....they have the gift of gab :)
She loves lounging on her stair...kicking back with some is good.
Super helpful....SUPER :)
She is climbing on everything....She loves standing on chairs and couches and point at family to fetch her toys.  Sad part is...WE do it.  Her wrath is nothing to mess with!!
Oh, Mads how dramatic you are!!  I love this picture.  You would think she is wiping her fake tear to get more sympathy out of you readers....But alas the truth is we are working on body parts and this Mads showing you her "eyes". 

Big girl bed time...

 WE decided it was probably time for Bee to have a big girl bed....I was dreading this moment.  I am not sure what made me think trying to do this transition on my own while Clint was out of town for a week was also not super bright.  Well bee surprised us all...She did great!!  There has been no problems and she loves her bed! 

This picture cracks me up!!  Papa had just returned from Alaska and Bee was desperate for his hat...somewhere in the middle of it all she became a rapper??  Not sure where this kid comes from!

I love love love this picture...Bee started ballet class.  Since I have found out about 3 years ago that I was prego with this little bundle of joy I have dreamed of this moment...BALLET class....tu-tu's, ballet shoes, adorable pig-tails...Bee is a natural and loves her class!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun...

Clint is gone for a of course the babies and I played....Ruby is really into colored hair.  THIS is as close to purple hair as she will be getting.  Ice cream and dressing up....what else could you expect in a random post such as this....

I love the women I have surrounded myself with in life.  On mother's day I reflected about about all the amazing women that appear to be the perfect mothers...Through this path of mother hood that I have been on I have definitely not reached perfection. This is what I do know...I will never stop trying to be the best mother I can be to Bee and Mads...  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be there mom.  I love this pic of my mom and my daughters....some of my favorite women in my life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My water babies....

So before any of you call CPS on me...the babies really did have fun...poor Mads was so overwhelmed by how loud it was in the pool area. This is the first time the babies have ever been a pool that was not blown up. Mads is adventurous...a few more times and she will be a fish just like her sister!
Bee had a great time when she realized that splashing is not of limits in the pool. She took to the water like a natural. She was kicking and lowing bubbles like she might be the next Olympian swimmer girl....a mom can dream for her babies right. Thank uncle Dave and aunt Nicole for coming with us. As Mads and I watched from the side lines I realized how grateful I am for how involved my family is in my children's lives. We are going to miss them terribly when we move away for grad school....until then we will need to have more pool parties!

Maddy Pat-tats is 1!!

I will admit that I am a crazy fool when it comes to birthdays and holidays...and I am lucky enough that my husband doesn't dare say anything about my craziness in these matters. Mads turned 1 on 3/7/12. This day also marked the 3rd anniversary to my amazing and hot husband. I always imagined I would spend my anniversary in romantic settings....umm this was not what I had in mind BUT there is no where else on earth I would rather be than with my Mads on her birthday!! Happy birthday baby! Momma and dada love you more than words!!
It dawned on me as I was handing a stick to my daughters and other party kids that this was not a well thought out plan. I am think Mads enjoyed this a wee bit to much.....
We often joke that Ruby is a hoarder in the making....she is constantly found with bundles of crap stuffed under her arms....Well this movie case was no different. She carried this movie case around with her for months. She slept with it....ate with was even present in the bathroom during bath why would I think she would put it down during beating the pinata....silly me...
Mads dug in with no hesitation with what she was suppose to be doing with this yummy-ness before her....needless to say she is a healthy eater....
Can anyone explain to me how when Ruby had a birthday a few months prior....she had no interest in opening gifts. She was content to sit there and have people admire her....Well Mads, who was enjoying opening her gifts, struggled to do so because of her helpful older sister...
I love this picture....who doesn't love tu-tu's and baby bums.....Happy birthday my beautiful daughter....I am excited to see what this next year brings better not be boys...not ready yet :) Love you Mads!